Corporate Event Photo Booth Cleveland

Corporate Event Photo Booths Can Be Fun Too

We know work events can be a drag, especially those mandatory holiday parties that may not be terribly exciting. Luckily, we know how to turn these work functions up a notch! Photo booths are a great way to enhance your corporate event. With custom vinyl backdrops to display your company’s logo, and tons of free props to choose from, a photo booth is sure to be a central fun-spot at your event.

Our Photo Booths Are Perfect for Any Type of Event

Many people might assume that photo booths are for individual family and friend-type events. That’s not the case with our booth! Though A Notch Above Events is a great addition for any occasion, our setup and software provide optional features specifically designed around corporate events.

Here are some features that are ideal for business functions and corporate events:

  • Collect emails and phone numbers
  • Trigger prize winners with lights and sounds
  • Survey and quizzes as part of the booth experience
  • Play videos and advertisements while the booth is idle or before/after each use
  • Custom designed backdrops and image frames with your company logo and website

Let us help make your corporate event more fun and memorable with images for people to share and laugh over for years to come! Contact us for your free estimate today.

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