Green Screen Photo Booth in Cleveland

Green Screen Photo Booth Rental Cleveland Ohio

Our Green Screen Photo Booth Technology Features Are Out-Of-This-World!

Talk about a custom experience. Our green screen photo booth technology can really put you in another world. The possibilities are limitless when you’re talking about a digitally customized background. This features allows you to request a custom digital background, which can be as subtle or extravagant as you want! Custom backgrounds are also ideal for matching your event’s theme.

More than a custom vinyl backdrop, a green screen background can allow for overlapping elements that gives the appearance of a three-dimensional (3D) environment.

Here’s How Our Green Screen Photos Work

Cleveland Green Screen Photo Booth Background

1. Select A Custom Digital Background

Select from one of our pre-existing digital backgrounds or request to have a custom background made just for your event!

Green Screen Backdrop Photo Booth Cleveland

2. Use The Green Screen Backdrop

Just like you might see from your favorite sci-fi movies, a green screen allows for the background to be digitally “removed.”

Cleveland Photo Booth Rental Green Screen

3. The Switcheroo

Our green screen technology will digitally replace the backdrop with your selected background. Add in a few foreground elements and you and your friends will be surrounded by a new environment!

Green Screen Photos Add to the Fun

A green screen backdrop may confuse your guests at first, but once they start taking photos, it’s hard to stop! Green screens provide a limitless library of backgrounds that can really add a lot of fun to your photo-taking experience. Add in a few props for good measure and you and your guests are sure to have a blast!

Ask us about our green screen backgrounds or request your own custom background.

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Note: Green screen photos are a lot of fun, but will also remove any green elements captured in the photo, such as green-colored garments and accessories. We recommend to let your guests know prior to taking photos if you would like a green screen photo booth.